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SYDE Road documents the journeys of three friends: Kent (left), Anson (middle), and Maria (right) – collectively coined as ‘Maria & Co’.
What started out as a trio formed by the necessity of working in a group of three, was transformed into a friendship built on our common passions of exploring the world that surrounds us.

Together, we agreed to document our laughter, trials, and tribulations so that we can remember where we went, who we met, and how much that awesome *something* was. Of course, we have other friends as well – so really, this is a collection of all our memories.

How it All Started: A Post-Graduation Trip

Our post-graduation trip began Spring 2015. Eight different countries in less than 40 days.  Was it easy learning how to share a Queen bed with three people; or waking up at 3am to run across train tracks to cross the border from Cambodia to Thailand; or even dealing with your classmate who’s laughter wouldn’t stop for three hours because she discovered that “Shrimp Shrimp Shrimp” in Chinese sounded like “Ha Ha Ha”? No. But some way or another, we did it. And we have great memories to go with it.

It’s been a couple of years since we graduated. Already we can’t remember all the people we met or what we did in each city. With each passing month, our memories of the places get a little fuzzier. Sometimes we find ourselves debating about what happened where. Other times, we can’t even remember when we went to which city!

How can we laugh at a memory we can’t even remember? How can we tell people where to go when we mix them up?

Sometimes, we have others regularly appear in our journey too – like Angelo from afmanalac.com ! By right of relationship – he’s an unofficial SYDEr as well! This blog is after all, a blog to share our journeys and itineraries with each other as well!

More importantly, will Maria ever get a perfect Instax photo?


P.S. SYDE = Systems Design Engineering, the program we graduated from….but works beautifully as a pun for side roads too… because these trips are like an aside to our everyday lives… kind of like side road is to main road… but for SYDE…. get it? ha.ha.ha.