About SYDE Road

SYDE ROAD is an adventure dog blog where founder Maria Kwok helps readers discover off-leash dog trails, and gain the skills and confidence to vacation with dogs – in whatever way they want – whether that’s in the form of short day trips, outdoor camp adventures, or staying overnight in dog-friendly hotels.

You’ll find content about trying new dog parks, pet travel guides, gear guides, pet travel advice, and trying new dog-friendly activities.

Hi! It’s Maria!

First-time dog owner and part-time adventurer.

I embark on thrilling dog-friendly escapades with my corgi, Limone. Together, we explore parks, trails, and dog-friendly activities.

Plus, I share the occasional non-dog travel experiences.

SYDE Road’s Mission & Values

Maria’s mission is to deliver dog-friendly adventure ideas

adventure | make every outing an adventure.

discovery | share hidden gems and local favourites.

fun | share content that is fun for both humans and dogs.

quality | provide quality, thoughtful, value-add content.