Dog-Friendly Ontario Beaches – A Comprehensive List | 2024

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Raise a paw in the air if you love seeing your pup frolicking in the sand by the water all year round. I know mine and Limone’s are up there! But, finding dog-friendly Ontario beaches isn’t easy, especially in the summer. Many Ontario beaches have bylaws that keep dogs out of the water AND off the sand.

I’ve scoured websites for a comprehensive list of dog-friendly Ontario beaches. But I wasn’t happy with the ones I found. Most lists only catered to GTA but I want every Ontario pup to have the opportunity to enjoy the joys of beachside fun.

Use the links and maps to help you find the closest dog-friendly Ontario beach near you!

Dog-friendly Ontario beaches: Know before you go

Ontario beach regulations

Not all beaches in Ontario allow dogs. And those that do have specific leash regulation rules. Some beaches may have designated dog-friendly areas or specific times when dogs are allowed.

Types of leash regulations

When you start comparing dog-friendly beaches in Ontario, you’ll find that the leash rules generally fall into 1 of 3 categories:

  1. Completely off-leash: Your dog is allowed off-leash both in and out of water
  2. Off-leash in water, but leashed out of water: Your pup is allowed to play off-leash in water, but if you’re planning on taking your dog for a walk, you’ll need to leash them up
  3. On-leash only: You’ll have to keep your dog on a 6ft (1.8m) leash at all times when visiting

Bring the essentials

Remember to pack a bag with all the necessary items for a beach day with your dog:

  • Water and a bowl: Dogs can get dehydrated quickly, and while most beaches in Ontario are freshwater, any bodies of standing water (like puddles, ponds, and yes even lakes!) can be a source of harmful bacteria and parasites for your pet.
  • Shade: Not every beach has trees or sources of shade nearby. Bring an umbrella, or set up a beach tent to provide shade for your dog.
  • Poop bags: Clean up after your dog so everyone can enjoy the beach
  • Towels: For yourself and for your pup to dry off after swimming – and to line the car too!
  • Toys: Bring a few of your dog’s favourite beach-friendly toys for playtime.
  • Leash and collar: Even if the beach is off-leash friendly, it’s good to have these in case you need to keep your dog close.

Safety first

How many dog-friendly Ontario beaches are there?

The answer depends on how you define dog-friendly!

If you count every beach that lets a dog visit at some point in the year, then 76 beaches in Ontario are dog-friendly.

Here’s how it’s broken down:

How dog-friendly?Number of dog-friendly Ontario beaches
Completely off-leash14
Off-leash in water, but leashed out of water5
On-leash only57

It just goes to show you that despite a lot of rules and regulations in Ontario, there are plenty of dog-friendly beaches to explore!

Comprehensive map of dog-friendly Ontario beaches

The map is colour-coded based on the level of its leash rules:

Green: off-leash in and out of water.

Yellow: off-leash in water, but leashed out of water

Blue: on-leash only

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Dog-friendly Ontario beaches by region

Southwestern Ontario

Chatham-Kent | Elgin | Haldimand County | London | Middlesex | Norfolk County | Oxford | Sarnia-Lambton | Windsor Essex

Image Credit: Ontario’s Southwest

Clearville Park

On-leash only

Deep blue waters by a narrow strip of land at Erieau Beach. Image credit to Ontario Southwest
Image Credit: Ontario Southwest

Erieau Public Beach

On-leash only

Beach just before sunset

Long Point Provincial Park


Image Credit:

Mitchell’s Bay

On-leash only

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Pinery Provincial Park

Off-leash in water, but leashed out of water

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Port Burwell Dog Beach

Mix of off-leash and on-leash

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Rondeau Provincial Park

On-leash only

Image Credit: Flickr

Turkey Point Provincial Park

Off-leash in water, but leashed out of water

Wheatley Provincial Park

On leash only

More in-depth details about Southwestern Ontario dog beaches

I’ve created a separate post to list more in-depth information on every dog beach in Southwestern Ontario. You’ll find the details like dog beach operating hours, beach season dates, types of sand, and more.

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Niagara region

Niagara Falls | Niagara-on-the-Lake | Fort Erie | St. Catharines | Pelham | Welland | Thorold | Port Colborne | Lincoln | Grimsby | West Lincoln | Wainfleet

Fifty Point Conservation Area

On-leash only

Jones Beach

On-leash only

Lakeside Park Beach

On-leash only

Rock Point Provincial Park

On-leash only

Sunset Beach

On-leash only

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Hamilton, Halton and Brant

Key areas: Brant | Hamilton | Halton Hills | Milton | Six Nations of the Grand River | Oakville | Burlington | Brantford

1 dog beach in Hamilton, Halton and Brant

Fifty Point Conservation Area

  • Best for: Marina walks and day picnics with the family
  • Shoreline Terrain: Pebbles
  • Dog beach restriction: On leash only
  • Timeframe: Year-round

Greater Toronto Area

Key areas: Brampton | Mississauga | Toronto

Limone, a red and white corgi is lifting her front paw up in anticipation. She is wet and covered in sand. In the background is another dog - possibly a golden retriever, who is also wet. The other dog is holding a ball in its mouth while shaking wet fur.

York, Durham and Headwaters

Key areas: Georgina | Richmond Hill | Pickering and Ajax | Dufferin | Uxbridge | Clarington | Whitby and Oshawa | Port Perry | Markham and Unionville | Vaughan | Caledon

1 dog beach in York, Durham, and Headwaters

Sibbald Point Provincial Park

  • Best for: Pups who love chasing skipping rocks
  • Shoreline Terrain: Pebbles
  • Dog beach restriction: Off-leash in water, but leashed out of water
  • Timeframe: Year-round
14 off-leash dog beaches in Ontario featured image

14 off-leash dog beaches in Ontario

Corgi in a life jacket sitting on a crouched woman's lap. The woman is wearing a bucket hat to block the sun. The corgi is squinting and looking directly at the camera.

5 partially off-leash dog beaches in Ontario

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Frequently Asked Questions about dog-friendly Ontario beaches

10 beaches in Toronto allow dogs. But most only allow dogs during the wintertime (November 1 – March 31).

Also, only 2 beaches in Toronto have off-leash areas: Kew-Balmy Beach, and Cherry Beach.

Yes, but only on a leash between October to May. Dogs are not allowed on Sauble Beach during the summer months (June 1 – Labour Day).

Reference: Sauble Beach FAQ

No. according to Burlington’s by-law, dogs (excluding service animals) are not allowed on any beaches in Burlington, Ontario.

According to Fort Erie’s beach rules, Crystal Beach, otherwise known as Bay Beach in Fort Erie, does NOT allow dogs at any time.

Yes, according to St. Catherine’s bylaws and website, dogs are allowed at Sunset Beach. They must be kept on a leash at all times.