Top 3 Nature and Eco Stay around Bali, Indonesia

Blog Post Cover - Top 3 Nature and Eco Stays around Bali Indonesia

With the recent Global Climate Strike, I’ve been thinking harder about my own ecological footprint as a tourist as well and what ways I can work to reduce it. As a result, I’ve expanded my research to include more nature and eco stay locations.

Somewhere that has been very much on my bucket list is Bali, Indonesia. To me, the place conjures images of vast jungles, pristine rivers, and amazing biodiversity. I want to preserve that feeling when I visit, to ensure that future generations can also appreciate its raw beauty. What better place to start my nature and eco stay research than to research it for this beautiful country?

After looking at half a dozen nature and eco stays around Bali, these are my top 3 ideal places to stay:

  1. Sunrise House, Green Village (All-bamboo architectural wonder aka $$$)
  2. Hideout Bali (All-bamboo cozy stay $$)
  3. Fivelements (Complete eco-conscious wellness retreat $$$)
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