(VIDEO) – Chicago Road Trip Captured Two Ways

While blog posts about our itinerary are nice to share, nothing really beats seeing real human interaction. Itineraries are a great way to know where we went, but I think videos are a better way to get to know the people behind these itineraries. Although we may travel on the same trip, see the same sights, eat the same food, and laugh at the same jokes, what is memorable to one person might be completely different to the other.

Part of SYDE Road’s goal is to allow us to see a trip from multiple angles, different authors, and different photographers. With this in mind, Angelo and I made not one, but TWO video summaries of our road trip from Toronto to Chicago.

It was a fun challenge to see what kind of videos we could come up with at the end of the trip.  Armed with a couple dozen 1-minute footage clips, we each cobbled two different narratives for you to enjoy:

Looking for more of our experience around Chicago? Take a look at a few of these links:

Video 1 – Maria Dances Around Chicago

Creator: Angelo

The theme for Angelo’s video was: Maria dancing in Chicago!

It was a really cute and clever idea on his part to document the beautiful landscapes of Chicago with quirky footage of dancing and it made for a cohesive, tight, and clean video.

Video 2 – Road Trip from Toronto to Chicago (2017)

Creator: Maria

The theme for my video was: how Angelo and I interacted throughout the trip… throwing in as many clips of different locations as possible to show we actually went to the places we said we did.

Thankfully we had enough spare footage captured throughout the trip to make a strong contrast between our two experiences and I’m surprised with how well it came through.

What do you think?

Personally, I’m really excited and I look forward to collaborating and creating more video content from different perspectives! I think it gives it an additional dimension for us to share and remember the place by and I’m really looking forward to developing this new skill too!

Which road trip from Toronto to Chicago video did you like better? Let us know in the comments below!

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