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Which Airlines Allow Large Dogs in Cabin in Canada?

If you’re interested in flying with a large dog, chances are you already know that most airlines will only allow large dogs to fly in cargo unless they’re service animals. 

Flying with a dog in a cabin in Canada is but a pipe dream for most dog owners unless they happen to own a small dog under 20 pounds / 9 kg. Many Canadians end up opting to take their large dogs on road trips instead.

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There are specific places where your dog should sit in the car to maximize safety for both you and your pup?

However, that doesn’t mean there’s no hope at all!

While there are currently no commercial airlines or semi-private airlines that allow large dogs in the cabin in Canada (with the exception of service animals), there are plenty of private jet charter services that allow large dogs in cabin – assuming you’re willing to fork up a significant amount of money.

Pet-Friendly Private Jet Services in Canada

Here are some of the pet-friendly private jet services that allow pets in cabin:

Several dogs are lying inside a private jet


Image via @privatejetdaily

Jettly is a Canadian private jet service company. It’s like the luxury Uber for flight travel you never knew existed, or as their website says “The Expedia®  for private jets”.

The service offers a multi-tier service depending on your needs:

  1. Pay-as-you-fly (best option for travellers who fly infrequently) – users will be billed an additional 10% platform fee on each booking
  2. Private Jet Memberships (Personal, Business, Jet Card) – each membership tier waives a certain amount of air charter booking fees and also includes various phone, email, Shangri-La concierge and UberBlack integrations to make coordinating, planning, and travelling a breeze

When searching for a flight, you can add your pet as a passenger and Jettly’s Travel Concierge will provide an estimated quote for how much the flight would cost.

They also have a Charter Cost Estimate that displays an estimated range to help you get started. When I checked the flights from Toronto to Vancouver, the estimated costs ranged between $17k CAD  to up to $77k CAD depending on the type of jet you select.

A side plus – Jettly services offer 200% emissions offsetting as part of their Clean Air Commitment

Air Charter Advisors General Flight Image

Air Charter Advisors

Air Charter Advisors is a well-established private flight service that started in South Florida in 2012. Air Charter Advisors prioritizes safety and sources their private jets from the Star Operator Network – air carriers that represent “Above Industry Standards” for air charter safety. 

You can get a free quote from Air Charter Advisors by submitting your contact information on their website. Once submitted, an automated email will be sent out requesting further details of your flight plans, where you can include more specific details about the type of equipment, number of pets, and flight destination.

A quote for a 5-day roundtrip flight from Toronto to Vancouver for 2 people and 1 dog was estimated to at $92k-95k CAD after using their free quote services. 

You can find more information about which major cities Air Charter Services in Canada by visiting their “Private Jet Carrier Services in Canada” webpage.


Founded in 1964, NetJets is the oldest private jet operator in the world.  They are a company that prides itself on providing premier safety and legendary service to its customers.

To fly with NetJets though, you will have to become a fractional owner (purchasing a share or a portion of a jet). The size of your share determines the specific number of hours you can fly in that aircraft – with the ability to upgrade or downgrade to any other jet in their fleet. 

You’ll need to start with a minimum of 50 hours so NetJets is the best option for frequent luxury fliers. 

Flying with pets or a large dog is a breeze with NetJets. Their airlines offer space for dogs even if all seats are occupied in the plane, with some aircraft even offering a designated pet area in the cabin. However, note that not every airline on NetJets is pet-friendly – be sure to visit their Flying with Pets page to view the list of aircraft authorized to transport pets before purchasing a fractional ownership of an aircraft. 

For 2023 – these are the aircraft on NetJets which are authorized for pet transport:

Benefits of Chartering a Private Flight for Large Dogs

There are a variety of reasons to charter a private flight for large dogs instead of travelling in a commercial airline. Many clients relocating to a new destination may want to fly their pets to their new home. Others want to take their pets with them on their next getaway. And, there are other travellers who have heard about unfortunate accidents happening to other pets using commercial airlines

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Here are some of the many benefits you get for chartering a private flight for your large dog:

  • Large dogs can travel in cabin with you
  • Pets travel without distractions from other pets and passengers
  • In-flight catering options for yourself and your pet
  • Skip the stressful and crowded lines at commercial airports
  • Fewer restrictions on the dog breed (i.e. brachycephalic breeds like pugs or bulldogs), animal size, and animal quantity
  • Avoid hot tarmac waits for cargo pets during the summer and freezing cold temperatures on the tarmac during the frigid winter months
  • Help obtaining all the required pet travel documentation and vaccination information required when travelling to different countries
  • No baggage restrictions

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet-Friendly Private Jet Services

Private Jet Services are services that help connect travellers with the private aviation industry. These services are often used by travellers who are seeking specific air travel amenities including:

  • Flying on their own
  • Establishing a dedicated pilot for air travel
  • Dedicated and flexible flight schedules that work with the traveller’s schedules
  • Avoiding crowds and airport security
  • Reducing the stress of air travel for infants, toddlers, and pets
  • Individualized amenities on flight

If you have the disposable income for it, flying a private jet is the safest and most comfortable way for your pets to fly with you. 

Yes, rather than paying for a whole private chartered flight yourself – you can consider sharing the private jet with several other travellers. It’ll still cost several thousand dollars to transport yourself and your pet, but will be significantly less than paying for an entire private jet experience. 

Unfortunately, many of these ‘shared’ options are not commercially available and will need to be coordinated via private community groups like Chartered Air Travel with Pets (UK only), US/UK Dog & Pet Repatriation Private Charter Jet Group.

I have, however, seen private jet group-sharing services offered by Hong Kong-based companies like Top Stairs Air and L’Voyage – which are addressing a growing demand for people seeking shared private jets for relocation purposes. Given that many of their relocation options are based in the United States and Canada, you may be able to coordinate some cheaper private jet flights to specific destinations if it matches their major routes. 

While every private jet service may differ slightly on their pet policies, here are some good general guidelines to help you prepare for flying with a dog in cabin:

  • Ensure that all vaccinations are up to date for your pet
  • Most airlines will not allow pets less than 12 weeks to fly
  • Plan to give your dog ample time to exercise and use the restroom prior to the flight. A tired dog is a good dog!
  • Make sure to avoid feeding or giving your pet water 2-4 hours before the flight to prevent accidents
  • Have a dedicated pet travel passport and your pet medical records handy in case of emergencies
  • Dogs greater than 150 pounds or 70kg will need to lay on the floor instead of sitting on a seat during takeoff on most airlines – be sure your dog knows the ‘down’ command and comfortably hold the position for the duration of takeoff and landing 

The cost to charter a plane with a dog can depend on several factors including:

  • if you’re flying commercial vs private
  • the size of your dog
  • duration of flight

Here’s a general reference chart based on the current prices I’ve found online – use these numbers as a rule of thumb as every airline, and flight can vary:

Travel StyleTypical Fees
Commercial | small dog – carrier under seat$30 – $200
Commercial | large dog (50+ lbs) – cargo$50 – $500
Private Jet Charters | any size – in cabin“Free” – Generally included in the cost of the flight ($1.5k – $50k)
Note: Policies for pet travel on charter planes are set by the operators and owners of the aircraft. Be sure to check with your flight before you go.

Have you ever flown with a large dog in a cabin? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below!

Dalmation Dog Wearing and Aviation Pilot Suit and Goggles Posing in front of an old war aircraft. Image is used as a Pinterest Pin for SYDE Road's blog post: "Which Airlines Allow Large Dogs in Cabin in Canada?"

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