Iceland 2017 – A Video Summary

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Why the Late Post

Sorry I forgot to upload it. Its been posted on our Instagram (@syde_road) for a while though! My bad.

Better late than never! Here’s an upload of some of the special moments that we had on our trip to Iceland in 2017!

This isn’t a vlog-type video, nor is it a ‘Where to go when you’re in Iceland’ type of video. Rather we wanted this video to capture things that personally interested us or was something we found memorable. In this case, Iceland really won over our hearts just for being beautiful.

Video Gear and Editing Tools

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 (yes! I know the horror of shooting from a cell phone!)
  • Zhiyun Smooth-Q2
  • Adobe Premiere Pro

Want to know the latest gear we’re using and what else we’ve tried in the past? Head on over to our Video Gear post to find out more.

Thoughts After Re-Watching

Its been more than a year and half since we’ve been to Iceland, re-watching this video makes me wish we caught some more footage including things like:

  • what its like sleeping inside a camper van
  • more vlog-type footage of our day-to-day activities
  • what its like cooking meals in a camper van
  • more descriptions of where we went

In either case though, I’m glad that we were able to capture our story of pulling an all-nighter drive around the island (link to start the video at 4:09). It is always a great laugh to re-live how we almost drove off a cliff twice in the span of half an hour…

As you can see, we’re in a huge storm and at this point, usually we’d ask Jesus to take the wheel, but instead you have me taking the wheel.

Kent Ng

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