30+ Yurts in Ontario You Can Rent

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Did you know that there are over 30 unique yurt rentals in Ontario? That’s a whole lot of yurts!

In today’s post, you’ll find a range of yurts to rent in Ontario that best suit your needs. We’ll be covering yurt rentals in Ontario’s provincial parks, private yurts, basic yurt camping tips, glamping yurts, winterized yurts, dog-friendly yurts and everything in between!

To save you some time, I highly recommend using the Table of Contents (collapsed below) to help you find the type of yurts you’re looking for.

What is a yurt?

A yurt is a portable, large and circular tent traditionally used by nomadic groups in Central Asia (particularly in Mongolia) and other areas of North Asia as their primary form of shelter.

Nowadays, modern yurts have multiple purposes and are used as:

  • temporary housing
  • guest lodging
  • spaces for meditation
  • for glamping

What is the difference between a yurt and a traditional tent?

In general, a yurt has more room than a traditional tent and can take a bit longer to erect than a normal tent. Most yurts, especially yurts in Ontario are semi-permanent, waterproof structures that often come equipped with basic amenities to set you up for a more comfortable stay.

Overall when compared to a tent, yurts in Ontario are aimed to help campers reduce the amount of bulky gear you need to bring for your stay.

What kind of amenities do yurts in Ontario have?

In Ontario, you’ll find a variety of amenity ranges in yurts.

Basic yurts, like the yurts available for rent at Provincial Parks or National Parks, typically offer a few beds (typically bunk beds), a small table and a few chairs.

Privately owned yurts can offer a wide range of luxury amenities including but not limited to:

  • Luxury linens, beddings, and mattresses
  • Electrical lighting, WiFi, and Charging Outlets
  • Kitchenettes / BBQs
  • Electrical heaters, fans, and portable air conditioners
  • Entertainment (i.e. board games, sports equipment etc.)

As private yurts can vary in amenities, always be sure to check exactly what amenities are available in the yurt and if any supplies are included before booking and packing for your stay.

Where can I find yurt rentals in Ontario?

Since yurts are offered as either vacation or camping accommodations, you’ll see these yurt rentals available on both provincial parks websites and on private lodging websites like Glamping Hub, Airbnb and HipCamp. If you’re resourceful with your search keywords, you might also be able to find some private, standalone yurt listings as well.

What can I expect when I rent a yurt?

If you’re renting a yurt for your next glamping vacation in Ontario here are a few things you can expect:

  1. Not every yurt is available year-round, some rentals don’t operate in the winter – so be sure to check availability!
  2. Winter yurts often come with an electric space heater, a gas stove, or a wood stove to keep you warm – you won’t freeze, but you may also find it a bit chilly at times, so be sure to pack extra layers (like warm socks and slippers) if you’re thinking of trying a winter yurt
  3. Most do not offer lights, electrical outlets or WiFi – many of these rentals will be listed as an ‘off-the-grid’ experience
  4. The number of amenities/features provided can vary a lot – be sure to read each listing’s fine print so you know exactly what you need to pack
  5. Provincial Park Yurts are cheaper to rent but have significantly fewer amenities than private-hosted yurts. Conversely, provincial parks tend to offer more exciting trails, hikes and better outdoor activity amenities than private yurts.

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Want to know what it’s like to stay in a yurt with just a wood stove to keep you warm? Check out my post: everything you need to know before winter camping in a yurt.

A green provincial park yurt with a picnic table and a sheltered BBQ area
Example of a provincial park in Ontario. Image Credit: Ontario Parks

Yurts in Ontario provincial parks

Provincial Park yurts offer the most basic amenities of all yurt rentals in Ontario. However, staying at these rentals grants you access to everything the provincial park has to offer including its amazing trails, designated off-leash areas, wildlife, and most importantly running water / hot water comfort stations.

Which provincial parks in Ontario have yurts?

There are 11 provincial parks in Ontario that have yurts available for rent.

Here is a table of all the provincial parks and the number of yurts they have for rent:

Provincial ParkNumber of Yurts in Park
Algonquin Provincial Park – Mew Lake Area 7
Algonquin Provincial Park – Achray Area1
Bon Echo Provincial Park7
Bronte Creek Provincial Park3
Charleston Lake Provincial Park4
Killarney Provincial Park6
MacGregor Point Provincial Park8
Pancake Bay Provincial Park5
Pinery Provincial Park12
Silent Lake Provincial Park8
Windy Lake Provincial Park4

Bookings for provincial park yurts are extraordinarily popular so try to book as early as you can (during the winter or early spring).

Provincial park yurt rentals typically sleep between 2 – 6 people in bunk bed-style sleeping arrangements and typically include a propane BBQ, broom, and dustpan too.

Yurt rental prices range between $99 CAD to $150 CAD.

Every provincial park yurt requires a minimum 2-night stay, and 3-night stay for long weekends.

Which provincial parks in Ontario have dog-friendly yurts?

8 of the Provincial Parks offer dog-friendly yurt rentals:

Provincial ParkNumber of Dog-Friendly Yurts
Algonquin Provincial Park – Mew Lake Area1 (Campsite #62)
Bon Echo Provincial Park1 (Campsite #153)
Charleston Lake Provincial Park1 (Campsite #513c)
Killarney Provincial Park1 (Campsite #Y6)
MacGregor Point Provincial Park1 (Campsite #90)
Pancake Bay Provincial Park1 (Campsite # 365)
Pinery Provincial Park1 (Campsite #473)
Silent Lake Provincial Park2 (Pincer Lake Campsite #5, #10)

Note: Every provincial park roofed accommodation limits you to 2 dogs – this policy also applies to the above yurts too.

Which provincial parks are available in the winter?

Only a few provincial parks offer yurts for rent in the winter (end of October to mid-May).

Provincial ParkYurts Available in the Winter
Algonquin Provincial Park – Mew Lake Area*7/7
Killarney Provincial Park*6/7
MacGregor Point Provincial Park*5/8 (Campsite #46, #48, #50, #60, #74)
Pinery Provincial Park*12/12
Silent Lake Provincial Park*8/8
Windy Lake Provincial Park4/4
* includes the dog-friendly yurts available at these locations as well

How do I book a provincial park yurt?

All provincial park yurts can be booked online via their Parks Reservation System. Make sure to navigate to the ‘Roofed Accommodations’ which will help narrow the search results to yurts and cabins.

Couple sitting outside enjoying the sun in front of one of Bruce Peninsula National Park's yurts
Image Credit: Parks Canada

National parks with yurts in Ontario

There is only 1 National Park in Ontario where you can rent yurts – Bruce Peninsula National Park.

Bruce Peninsula National Park has 10 yurts for rent. Similar to the provincial park yurts, bookings for the Bruce Peninsula yurts are incredibly popular.

Booking a national park yurt:

Parks Canada’s Reservation System opens every January and February for booking reservations from April to March of next year. Popular summer days tend to get booked out before spring, so definitely plan early!

Amenities to expect in a Bruce Peninsula Yurt

Provincial park yurt rentals typically sleep between 2 – 6 people in bunk bed-style sleeping arrangements and typically include a propane BBQ, broom, and dustpan too.

Bruce Peninsula’s yurts offer more amenities than the basic yurts found at Provincial Parks. A minimum 2-night stay typically costs about $256 CAD or $128 CAD per night.

Here are some of the amenities you can expect when staying at one of these yurts:

  • Sofa, chairs, and tables
  • Murphy beds
  • Shelving for storage
  • Woodstove
  • Large Patio Deck
  • Flushable comfort stations nearby
  • Propane BBQ and additional perks


Unlike some of the provincial parks that are open year-round and allow dogs, the Bruce Peninsula yurts are only available during the summer camping season (mid-May to the end of October) and do not allow pets.

Do other National Parks other than Bruce Peninsula Park have yurts?

Family enjoying a picnic with a parked car in front of an oTENTiks at Cape Breton Highland National Park
oTENTiks at Cape Breton Highlands National Park Image Credit: Parks Canada

While the other national parks in Ontario do not have yurts like the Bruce Peninsula National Park, other national parks offer a similar experience via their A-frame semi-permanent structures known as “oTENTiks”. These structures come with an indoor table, chairs set, and indoor lighting.

Here is a table of national parks in Ontario that offer oTENTiks:

National ParkNumber of oTENTiks
Georgian Bay Islands5
Point Pelee24
Thousand Islands8
Rouge National Urban Park5
Rideau Canal National Historic Site8
Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site2
Battery-powered lantern saving the night so that we can learn to play new board games

Private yurts for rent in Ontario

Over the years I have compiled a list of over 25+ private yurts in Ontario that you can rent.

Often found on private farmlands, and other large properties, private yurts offer the most luxurious overnight experience.

In addition, private yurts also offer the opportunity for campers to pack light. Many private yurts in Ontario are only a short drive away from town centres and cities so for campers looking to pack ultra-minimally, you might not even need to pack food since you have plenty of takeout options nearby!

At a minimum, every private yurt on this list is outfitted with higher-quality bedding linen and upgraded seating and table arrangements. In many cases, you’ll also find optional experiential additions to your stay (like farm tours, alpacas stays, and other unique activities available on the property).

So without further ado, here is the list of all the private yurts I’ve found online – if you’d like to see where the yurts are located in the province, feel free to jump to the map of yurt locations just below this list.

Overview of one of the yurts in Ontario: A Yurt in the Forest: Barry's Bay, Ontario. 4 Guests, heated yurt, pet-friendly, electrical lights, firepit, available during the winter, and has outlets.

1. A Yurt in the Forest

Where: Barry’s Bay, Ontario
This old yurt has kept people cozy year-round for a decade. Located just 30 minutes drive from the Algonquin Provincial Park, this pet-friendly retreat is available for rent year-round.

This yurt can accommodate up to 4 guests – there is 1 double bed and 1 sofa futon available inside the yurt. Firewood and kindling are provided and a wood stove is available inside to keep the yurt warm in the cooler months.

WiFi is accessible from the driveway if needed. There is one electric light and phones can be charged in the yurt. Please note that there is no running water available onsite.

Outside there is an outhouse and a firepit nearby.

Overview of one of the yurts in Ontario: Charming Yurt Near Lake Simcoe. 2 Guests, heated yurt, bbq, firepit, winter availability, and full washroom available in main house.

2. Charming Yurt Accommodation with Fire Pit Ideal for Camping near Lake Simcoe

Where: Innisfil, Ontario
This charming yurt accommodation is located in Innisfil, Ontario, and is perfect for a weekend spent camping near Lake Simcoe. The yurt features a spacious yet cozy interior with a queen-size bed and can accommodate two glampers comfortably.

Inside the yurt is a composting toilet, but guests also have access to a full bathroom (flushing toilet, running water, and a shower) in the main house. A pellet stove is available to heat the yurt in the cooler months.

You’ll also find a kitchenette inside the yurt that provides everything needed to whip up a quick meal, including an electric hot plate, a kettle, a French press, and basic cooking essentials. Outlets are available inside the yurt to power the various appliances.

Outside, you can enjoy a deck, a BBQ, and a firepit as well.

Overview of one of the yurts in Ontario: Eco-friendly yurt ideal for glamping in Ontario: Mattawa, Ontario. Sleeps 6 guests, heated, pet-friendly, has electricity and outlets. Firepit and winter bookings available.

3. Eco-Friendly Yurt Ideal for Glamping in Ontario

Where: Mattawa, Ontario
This massive and extraordinarily well-furnished yurt in Mattawa is for peak glamping visitors. Inside you can find 1 double bed, 1 futon, and two twin-size air mattresses along with plenty of sitting and lounging room.

Glampers staying in the yurt will be supplied with all necessary cookware, dishes, and utensils, along with jugs of water sourced from the local, natural spring. Wood is provided for the small wood stove located inside the yurt as well.

Guests will have access to an outdoor composting toilet during their stay.

Outside, guests can enjoy the fresh air and serenity of an outdoor fire pit.

Along with a private septic system, this eco-friendly property also features eight 120-watt solar panels and a 1,000-watt wind turbine mounted on a 65-foot tower.

Overview of one of the yurts in Ontario: Fish's Yurt - Romantic Luxury Escape. Located in Arnstein, Ontario. Sleeps 2, heated, pet-friendly, electrical lights, and outlets available. BBQ and firepit available outside. Winter bookings available. Compost toilet, clawfoot tub and running water available inside yurt.

4. Fish’s Yurt – Romantic Luxury Escape

Where: Arnstein, Ontario
This pet-friendly traditional four-season Mongolian Yurt features its own bathroom, kitchen, living area and queen-size bed. It is heated with a thermostatically controlled fireplace.

One of the defining features of this yurt that no other listing has is the claw foot tub inside the yurt. You’ll also find a fridge with a freezer and a 4-stove burner too.

The yurt is a traditional yurt or Ger imported directly from Mongolia.

Overview of one of the yurts in Ontario: Forest Yurt One Hour Away from Toronto. Located in Blackstock, Ontario. Sleeps 2 guests, heated yurt, pet-friendly, electric lights and outlets available. Outside, a picnic table, charcoal bbq, and firepit is available. Winter bookings are available. Indoor composting toilet available.

4. Forest Yurt 1 Hour Away from Toronto

Where: Blackstock, Ontario
One of the closest yurts to downtown Toronto, this is perfect for city dwellers looking for a nearby romantic getaway. This custom-built yurt is built on a 100-acre property and sits on a platform in a small clearing in the forest.

Inside you can find a wood stove (wood included), an indoor composting toilet, kitchenette, 12V lighting & USB power included.

Outside you can enjoy a charcoal BBQ, firepit and a screened picnic table.

Guests staying on this property can also explore various sculptors created by inventor, sculptor, and filmmaker, Bill Lishman.

Overview of one of the yurts in Ontario: Forst Yurt, The Hideaway, Ontario. Located in the Dysart Et Al area of Ontario. Sleeps 4 guests, heated. Firepit available. Winter bookings available.

5. Forest Yurt, The Hideaway, Ontario

Where: Dysart et al, Ontario
Find your next perfect hygge getaway at the forest yurt hosted by Aaron.

This yurt can accommodate up to 4 guests – there is 1 double bed and plenty of additional space within the yurt to house additional guests. Firewood and kindling are provided and a wood stove is available inside to keep the yurt warm in the cooler months.

Inside you’ll find a small food prepping station as well as a small table and enough chairs to seat 4 people. outside there is an outhouse and a firepit nearby.

This is a relatively new listing (posted June 2022) so details about washroom availability and others have not yet been posted at the time of writing this post.

Overview of one of the yurts in Ontario: Forst Yurt located in Madoc, Ontario. Sleeps 2 guests, heated, electrical lights and outlets available. Picnic table, BBQ, and firepit are available outside. Winter bookings available.

5. Forest Yurt in Madoc

Where: Madoc, Ontario
This yurt is in a camping setting, with an indoor compost toilet, no shower or wifi but there is electricity, dishes, an indoor camping stove, BBQ, mini fridge, all pots & pans and bedding and clean drinking water.

Guests can look forward to sleeping in a queen bed. If you’re planning on booking a winter getaway please make sure to pack in some wood for the wood stove.

You’ll also find an indoor compost toilet for your convenience too.

The outside area of the yurt is in a secluded spot and includes a covered seating area, chairs, a fire pit and the game “cornhole”.

There’s no Wi-Fi at this listing but you should have great cell reception here depending on your provider.

Overview of one of the yurts in Ontario: Georgian Bay View Yurt located in Penetanguishene, Ontario. Sleeps 2, heated. Picnic table, BBQ, and fire pit available. Winter bookings available.

6. Georgian Bay View Yurt

Where: Penetanguishene, Ontario
Visit this ultra-cozy yurt overlooking Georgian Bay’s blue shores on Cady and Gavin’s horse farm. Stocked with life’s little luxuries for an adventure outdoors in this off-the-grid yurt, this yurt will help you rediscover the joys of the outdoors.

Guests can look forward to sleeping in a queen bed. In the winter – look forward to STACKS of blankets to keep you cozy and warm throughout your stay. The yurt is warmed by a wood stove in the winter.

P.S. This was where we tried our first winter yurt glamping event! Suffice to say it was a wonderfully cozy experience! Unfortunately, the listing is temporarily closed since updating this post. I really hope this yurt opens back up!

Overview of one of the yurts in Ontario: Little Yurt On the Hil located in Prince Edward, Ontario. Sleeps 2, heated, electrical lights and outlets available. Picnic table, BBQ, and firepit available outside. Winter bookins are available.

7. Little Yurt on the Hill

Where: Prince Edward, Ontario
Enjoy this modern four-season Canadian-made yurt in the beautiful and scenic Prince Edward County. Located just 15 minutes away from Sandbanks Provincial Park, this yurt is glamping at its finest.

Enjoy sleeping on a queen-sized Sealy Posturepedic mattress with cooling gel while you cozy up to the gas stove in the late fall/winter and early spring.

Inside the yurt, you’ll find it well-equipped with a small kitchenette complete with a fridge, sink, and a selection of coffee/tea and a BBQ.

Outside, an outdoor composting toilet, luxurious firepit, and an outdoor shower are available.

Overview of one of the yurts in Ontario: Luxury Yurt Camping in Mattawa, Ontario.
Sleeps 4, heated, pet-friendly. BBQ and firepit available outside. Winter bookings are available.

8. Luxury Yurt Camping in Mattawa / Nature’s Harmony – Mongolian Yurt

Where: Mattawa, Ontario
This pet-friendly traditional Mongolian yurt is warm and cozy and is nestled in a beautiful secluded setting with a private view of the Laurentian Mountains. You’ll love the hand-painted wood beams inside!

The yurt is fully furnished with a double bed and futon, which can be used as a sitting area or additional bed option. There is also a small table with chairs and shelving for storage. A private outdoor compost toilet is situated right next to the yurt.

The yurt is equipped with basic kitchen necessities such as plates, cups, cutlery, pots and a kettle. There is a BBQ and outdoor fire pit for cooking and the woodstove inside the yurt is like a hot plate. We provide large jugs of water from our natural spring for drinking and washing.

Natural lighting comes from the ‘tunnel’ at the top of the yurt. However, it is a good idea to bring a lantern, flashlights or headlamps for additional lighting at night time.

Overview of two of the yurts in Ontario: No.9 Gardens in Rideau Lake Yurts. Sleeps 4, heated, electricity inside yurt, shared full bathroom facilities, shared picnic, bbq , and firepit area. Yurts available for winter booking.

9. No. 9 Gardens Yurts (2 Yurts Available)

Where: Rideau Lakes, Ontario
There are two traditional Mongolian yurts for rent at No. 9 Gardens, a 40-acre educational facility and Canada’s First Sustainability and Reconciliation Centre. These unique spaces will allow you to explore, relax and learn about the culture of sustainability from your own private yurt.

Each yurt comes with 4 twin beds, as well as storage and essential items. Guests are able to use the shared bathroom with a shower and composting toilet (along with two porta potties on site). Free wifi is available to all guests as well as on-site parking. Yurt stayers are able to use the shared fire pit.

100% of their proceeds go toward providing accessible, healthy, local food to the Kingston community and as well as educational opportunities for youth to learn about sustainable living and agriculture.

Overview of one of the yurts in Ontario: 
High Acres Farms' SunMoon Lakeview Mongolian Yurt in Kirkfield, Ontario. Sleeps 5, heated, pet-friendly, solar-powered electricity and outlets available. Firepit available. Winter bookings available.

10. SunMoon Lakeview Mongolian Yurt / Ontario Rental for Things to Do in Canada

Where: Kirkfield, Ontario
The SunMoon yurt is one of two traditional Mongolian yurts available at the High Acres Farm in Kirkfield, Ontario.

The SunMoon yurt offers a complete off-grid camping experience. At night this yurt gets its power and energy from solar-powered lights, a fire pit, and a wood stove. This yurt comes equipped with electricity and a mini-fridge for your comfort.

During your stay, you can also enjoy organic farm produce like beans, sweet corn and tomatoes.

Overview of one of the yurts in Ontario: 
High Acres Farms' Blue Honeymoon Mongolian Yurt in Kirkfield, Ontario. Sleeps 5, heated, pet-friendly, solar-powered electricity and outlets available. Firepit available. Winter bookings available.

11. Blue Honeymoon Mongolian Yurt / Ontario Vacation Rental for the Best Places to Go in Canada

Where: Kirkfield, Ontario
The Blue Honeymoon yurt is the second traditional Mongolian yurt available for rent at the High Acres Farm in Kirkfield, Ontario.

Unlike the SunMoon yurt, the Blue Honeymoon comes equipped with a projector so you can cozy up and watch some of your favourite shows too.

Overview of one of the yurts in Ontario: 
Peaceful Yurt Rental in the Woods Near Mississippi Mills, Ottawa. Sleeps 4. Heated, showers are available. Picnic table and firepit outside. Winter bookings available.

12. Peaceful Yurt Rental in the Woods Near Mississippi Mills

Where: Mississippi Mills, Ontario
At only a 40-minute drive from Ottawa, this is a great weekend getaway option for Ottawa city dwellers.

Located on 100 acres of property, surrounded by pine trees, it is the perfect glamping experience for nature lovers.

The yurt is heated by a wood stove which you can also use to heat up / cook light meals and make tea/coffee. There is water for drinking and hand washing provided, otherwise it is off-grid.

Composting toilet and outdoor shower available for your comfort.

Some cool facts about the yurt:

  • The property was the site of a UFO sighting in 1992 and featured on Unsolved Mysteries
  • The host offers private/small group yoga classes in the yurt – the rate depends on the number of people attending
  • Aerial yoga in the treehouse is subject to availability

Overview of four of the yurts in Ontario: 
Pit Stop 518 Yurts. Sleeps 2-4. Heated, outlets available, pet-friendly. Picnic table and firepit available outside. Share shower facilities (extra $) and winter bookings available.

12. Pit Stop 518 Yurts

Where: Kearney, Ontario
Pit Stop 518 is a fully licensed restaurant with onsite glamping accommodations. With 4 yurts available for yet and located in Kearney, Ontario, you can experience the luxuries of glamping in a private yurt while still being nearby Algonquin Provincial Park.

The four yurts (Drummond House, Baecklund House, Ben Nevis House, and Hansen House) are all fully furnished AND include breakfast/packed lunch and dinner too! You definitely won’t go hungry while staying here.

Three of the four yurts can comfortably sleep 4 people. Hansen House can only sleep 2 as it is furnished with a king-size bed.

Each yurt has its own private outdoor outhouse, private firepit with chairs, a wood-burning stove, 15 L of drinking water (refills at restaurant available if needed), and a small kitchenette area. In addition, each yurt comes with its own portable power station with AC/USB ports.

Shared shower facilities are available for an additional fee in the main building.

Overview of one of the yurts in Ontario: 
Kandy Yurt - a traditional red door Mongolian yurt in Wllandport Ontario. Sleeps 4, heated, pet-friendly. Firepit available. Winter bookings available.

14. Riverside Oasis Farm – Kandy Yurt

Where: Wellandport, Ontario
Stay in one of the two pet-friendly authentic Mongolian yurts on a beautiful working farm with rolling hills and river access.

This yurt stay in Wellandport, Ontario also offers farm tours and opportunities for photos with alpacas, goats, sheep, chickens and many more farm animals.

The Kandy Yurt is a brightly painted red-doored Mongolian yurt that can sleep up to 4 adults on its queen bed and futon.

Inside the yurt, you’re provided with a camping stove, firepit, linens, sink, plates, glasses and cutlery, french press, wood stove and soap. You’ll also have access to a porta potty for your comfort.

Overview of one of the yurts in Ontario: 
Lyla Yurt - a traditional Mongolian yurt in Wellandport Ontario. Sleeps 3, heated, pet-friendly. Firepit available. Winter bookings available.

15. Riverside Oasis Farm – Lyla Yurt

Where: Wellandport, Ontario
Unlike the Kandy Yurt previously mentioned, the Lyla Yurt can sleep up to 3 adults in the yurt. Inside you’ll find a queen bed and a twin daybed.

Beyond the difference in sleeping arrangements, you’ll find that the Lyla yurt offers the same amenities as the Kandy Yurt on the Riverside Oasis Farm. The Lyla yurt is also pet-friendly.

Overview of one of the yurts in Ontario: 
Salmon River Wilderness Camp - a modern yurt in Tamworth, Ontario. Sleeps 2. Heated. Picnic, BBQ, and firepit available otuside. Winter bookings are available.

16. Salmon River Wilderness Camp

Where: Tamworth, Ontario
Located in the rugged Land O’ Lakes region of Eastern Ontario, the Salmon River Wilderness Camp is a private, 300-acre wilderness, bordering the pristine Salmon River as well as Cade Lake (a small lake, part of the Salmon River system).

This listing offers a rustic but fully insulated private yurt, steps away from the flowing river. Additional activities included as part of your stay include:

  • 2-person canoe, small kayak, and SUP
  • screened gazebo
  • swimming in the private swimming hole

Please note that this listing does not have running water or electricity.

Overview of one of the yurts in Ontario: 
Springfield Farm: Yurt Experience - a modern yurt in Apple Hill, Ontario. Sleeps 3. Heated. Picnic and BBQ available outside. Winter bookings are available.

16. Springfield Farm: Yurt Experience

Where: Apple Hill, Ontario
Stay in this spacious Mongolian-style, 100% Canadian-made Yurt on a traditional family farm just 1.5 hours west of Montreal, 50 minutes south of Ottawa and 20 minutes north of Cornwall/US Border.

The yurt is approximately 226 square feet, an open concept with a ramp to the entrance door of the yurt.

Inside, you’ll find an antique double bed (if you’re over 6′ you may need to use the chair for more leg room!), a retro pull-out Danish Chair/cot. While the yurt can sleep 3, the listing does recommend this space for 2 adults and at most a child due to the compact size of the cot.

Although there is no electricity in the yurt, you’ll be provided with LED battery lights and candles for additional lighting. A wood-burning stove warms the yurt during the cooler months.

If you need to charge some small devices, you’ll still be able to do so at their repurposed traditional outhouse-turned-mini-pantry. Inside this outhouse, you’ll find:

  • a small mini-fridge
  • a microwave
  • a coffee maker
  • a couple of outlets to recharge your smaller devices

You’ll also find a briquette BBQ and a small picnic table (available upon request) near your yurt too.

Overview of one of the yurts in Ontario: 
The Elmbrook Yurt, Rural Glamping located in Prince Edward County, Ontario. Sleeps 2, heated, pet-friendly, electrical lights and outlets available. Picnic table, BBQ, and firepit available outside. Access to three-piece private bathroom. Winter bookings available.

17. The Elmbrook Yurt, Rural Glamping

Where: Prince Edward, Ontario
Enjoy a four-season camping experience at this yurt located on a rural organic vegetable farm in Prince Edward County. At just 5 KM away from downtown, your stay will give you nearby access to 40+ wineries, 13 breweries, distilleries and many great farm-to-table restaurants to enjoy.

Inside the yurt, you’ll find a queen bed, a propane heater/fireplace, a/c (one of the only listings that offer air conditioning in the summer!), a water cooler, coffee maker, and a bar fridge. During your stay, you’ll have access to a BBQ, a propane fire pit, a shared pool, and a three-piece private bath with a shower a short 100-meter walk away.

If you’re bringing a pet, they’ll need to be kept on a leash while exploring the property.

Note: Three Bernese Mountain dogs, Baloo, Denver and Adelaide live on the property (and love attention) as well as chickens, bees, and any local wildlife that may visit.

Overview of one of the yurts in Ontario: 
They Wyldwood Sojourn is located in Marysville, Ontario. Sleeps 3 guests, heated. Picnic table and firepit is available outside. Winter bookings available.

18. Wyldwood Sojourn: meditative yurt retreat

Where: Marysville, Ontario
If you’re looking for a complete back-to-nature, private, meditative yurt experience, then be sure to check out the Wyldwood Sojourn yurt in Marysville, Ontario.

The listing offers an off-grid yurt experience and comes complete with a wood stove, a double bed, a single bed, and some simple facilities. Lighting inside and around the yurts is provided by solar lights.

Depending on when you visit, you can enjoy a 15-minute hike to a river and also enjoy some seasonal waterfalls.

Outside the yurt, you’ll find a private outhouse for your comfort as well as an additional smaller meditation yurt. Perfect for guests seeking a meditative experience!

Overview of one of the yurts in Ontario: 
Yurt Crazy, Ontario. This yurt is located in Avonmore, Ontario. Sleeps 4 guests, heated, pet-friendly. Picnic table, BBQ, and firepit available outside. Showers and winter booking available.

19. Yurt Crazy, Ontario

Where: Avonmore, Ontario
Soak up the mystique inside Shelly and Trevor’s pet-friendly rustic 22-foot round authentic Mongolian Yurt.

Experience nature in comfort and style with their queen-sized luxury bed and cozy decor. While there is no running water, potable water is provided inside the yurt and an outdoor shower is available during the summer months.

The outdoor picnic table is set inside a screened tent area for a more comfortable outdoor dining experience.

If you book this yurt for a week or more, the hosts will provide a 10% discount for your stay.

Overview of one of the yurts in Ontario: 
Yurt Georgian Bay is located in Kimberley, Ontario. Sleeps 2, heated, pet-friendly. BBQ and firepit available outside. Showers and winter bookings also available.

20. Yurt Georgian Bay

Where: Kimberley, Ontario
Slow down and take the time to enjoy the simpler joys of life at the Yurt Georgian Bay and their canopy king-sized bed for two.

Inside the yurt, you’ll find a dresser, side table, and complete dining set for two. You’re also provided with a wood-burning fireplace.

There is an outdoor kitchen complete with BBQ, burners, coolers and sink.

Guests can enjoy their hammocks, and kayaks or take an adventure hike or bike around one of the many nearby local trails.

Overview of one of the yurts in Ontario: 
Yurt it Up North is located in Rossport, Ontario. Sleeps 4. Heated. Electrical lights and outlets are available. Picnic table, BBQ, and firepit available outside. Showers and winter bookings are also available.

21. Yurt it Up North

Where: Rossport, Ontario
Discover Northern Ontario at Yurt it Up North – a deluxe private yurt experience overlooking Lake Superior.

Located atop a 2-storey high deck, this yurt has the most beautiful and breathtaking lakeside retreat vibes and si the perfect getaway to go to with your friends or family.

Look forward to additional amenities at the yurt including:

  • private washroom
  • sauna
  • firepit
  • hammock
  • gazebo
  • barbecue grill

Overview of one of the yurts in Ontario: 
Yurt Nature Getaway located in Mono, Ontario. Sleeps 4, heated, pet-friendly. Picnic table, BBQ, and firepit available outside. Flushable private washroom and showers are available.

23. Yurt Nature Getaway

Where: Mono, Ontario
Go glamping on the Niagara Escarpment close to the Boyne River at this yurt located on a 10-acre herbal tea farm.

Inside the yurt, you’ll find a queen size, double bed, battery-powered lamps, fairy lights, and flashlights. You’ll also find a wood stove to keep you warm during the cooler months.

Outside, you’ll find an attached compost toilet a minute’s walk away from the main building and a full shared bathroom available in the studio (hot tub soak, yoga, and massage services available). In addition, there is an outdoor kitchen with a propane barbecue, firepit and water.

Overview of one of the yurts in Ontario: 
Yurt Near North Bay, Powassan, Ontario. Sleeps 5, heated. Picnic, BBQ, firepit. Winter booking available.

24. Impressive Yurt with Wood-Burning Stove Ideal for Camping near North Bay

Where: Powassan, Ontario
This impressive yurt accommodation boasts an excellent location on a 100-acre farm in Powassan and is ideal for camping near North Bay. The yurt features a spacious interior with one bedroom AND a living area, as well as an outhouse nearby, and can accommodate five glampers.

The bedroom comes with a queen-size bed and there are two sleeper sofas for additional guests. Linen is provided. However, the hosts recommend bringing along extra blankets during winter.

Overview of one of the yurts in Ontario: 
Yurt on the banks of the Mississagi River located in Iron Bridge, Ontario. Sleeps 4, pet-friendly. BBQ and firepit available outside. Winter booking available.

25. Yurt on the banks of the Mississagi River

Where: Iron Bridge, Ontario
Located on 80 acres on the banks of the Mississagi River in Iron Bridge ON. This yurt listing is the ideal location for guests looking for an off-grid (no electricity or running water) experience all year long.

The yurt is one room and equipped with

  • a queen bed
  • a dresser for storage
  • small dining table and chairs

Outside you’ll find a BBQ and a small butane burner available for cooking.

Map of yurts in Ontario

Trip map courtesy of Wanderlog, a trip planner app on iOS and Android


Phew! This was a lot of info! Hopefully, this post has helped you choose where to rent your next yurt experience!

Thanks for going through and exploring the entire 30+ yurts in Ontario list! If you’d like to know more about what it is like to stay in a yurt before choosing your own, feel free to read up on our personal experience of staying in a yurt for the first time in winter!

As the camping/glamping landscape evolves, I know that this list will get shorter or longer. If there’s any yurt listing you know of that we might have missed, please don’t hesitate to send me an email. If you’re one of the yurt owners and we got your data wrong, send us a message and we’ll correct it right away!

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