The Essentials – Medicine to Carry When Traveling Abroad

The Essentials - Medicine to Carry when Travelling Abroad - Blog Post Cover

Here is a list of 10 essential over-the-counter medicine to carry when traveling abroad. Illnesses are bound to happen no matter where you are, or what you’re doing. But with the additional changes that traveling introduces, your routine is thrown out whack, and sometimes your hygiene routines might relax (hello beach picnics without washing your hands because clean running water isn’t nearby!). As such, its no wonder that it feels like illnesses happen a lot more frequently when you’re away from home.

Consequently, packing medication with you when traveling is a must! In this post you’ll find:

  • A list of all the medicine to carry when traveling abroad
  • The generic / medicinal ingredient names of the over the counter medication (in case you run out of the medication when you’re abroad and need to buy backups pronto)
  • The preferred dosage strength of the medication to carry

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30 Places to Rent a Yurt in Ontario

30+ Places to Rent a Yurt in Ontario

Did you know that there are over 30 unique yurt locations that you can rent within Ontario? That’s a whole lot of yurts! Beyond the unique locations, I also discovered that not all yurts offered the same kind of amenities (like beds, washrooms, cookware), nor were they all available during the winter season!

To save you some searching time, I put together a sortable reference table listing out all the locations you can rent a yurt within Ontario and included 20+ feature columns that sorts and lists out deciding factors like:

  • drive time from Toronto
  • cost/night + minimum stays
  • features available in the yurt

If only I made this table for myself during my search! Alas I created this after the fact. BUT – when we decide to rent another yurt again, I’m definitely going to use this table!

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Everything You Need to Know for a Winter Yurt Camping Experience

Everything you need to know for a winter yurt camping experience
Yurt location – Georgian Bay View Yurt

I feel like my favorite local websites have really been upping their winter getaway posts (like this, this, this, this, this, and this ). Have you noticed it too? Because if you did, you’d probably have read about winter yurt camping and might have even considered doing it! Sites like Narcity and BlogTo have mentioned how great it is to take glamping into the colder months. We couldn’t agree with them more!

Winter yurt camping can be a fun way to start a winter adventure, have a mini romantic getaway, or be a fun way to live life unplugged for a couple of days. Yurts might just be the comfortable, easy, and relaxing experience that you’re looking for. Make it your best experience ever, and read up on things you need to know before booking your first winter yurt.

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