Which Breweries in Hamilton Allow Dogs Inside?

As a non-resident of Hamilton, I’m 100% one of THOSE local tourists that dedicate most of their time in Hamilton outdoors. 

So it goes without saying that I am guilty of not appreciating the booming culinary scene in Hamilton – but I’m ready to change all that. 

With blazing summer heat just around the corner, (and recently discovering just how many dog-friendly breweries are in Toronto), I can’t help but start looking for craft breweries in Hamilton as my first foray into the city’s culinary scene. Naturally, I dug around to find out which breweries in Hamilton allow dogs inside 🙂

And boy oh boy! I’ve got to say that I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there are 3 Hamilton breweries that allow dogs inside:

  1. Clifford Brewing
  2. Collective Arts Brewing
  3. Grain & Grit Beer Co

Keep reading the post to get more details of each of the breweries AND learn more about other fun dog-friendly activities nearby!

Map of Hamilton Breweries That Allow Dogs Inside

Here is a map of Hamilton Breweries that allows dogs inside:

Hamilton Breweries That Allow Dogs Inside – Details

Disclaimer: At the time of posting, I have confirmed the following breweries definitely allow dogs indoors. However, I strongly recommend giving the breweries a call before bringing your dogs inside with you! Allowing dogs inside taprooms and shops is a privilege and rules can change. Please practice good dog etiquette while visiting the breweries so that future visitors can enjoy the experience too.

Image of the front entrance of Clifford Brewing Co's entryway and outdoor patio

1. Clifford Brewing

1-398 Nash Rd. N

? Bottle Shop
? Taproom / Tasting Room

Hours of Operation
Sun – Tues Noon – 6:00 PM
Wed – Thurs Noon – 8:00 PM
Fri – Sat Noon – 10:00 PM

Collective Arts - Hamilton location - front door entryway

2. Collective Arts Brewing

207 Burlington Street East

? Bottle Shop
? Taproom / Tasting Room
⛱️ Patio
? Beer Garden

Hours of Operation
Mon – Thurs 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Fri – Sun 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Thurs – Fri 4:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Sat Noon – 10:00 PM
Sun Noon – 6:00 PM

Note: They also have a Dogs of Collective Arts Instagram account – how cute is that?

3. Grain & Grit Beer Co.

11 Ewen Rd, Hamilton, ON L8S 3C3

? Bottle Shop
? Taproom / Tasting Room
⛱️ Patio

Hours of Operation
Sun Noon – 6:00 PM
Closed Mon
Tues – Sat Noon – 9:00 PM

Image by: Pure + Lovely Photography

Hamilton Breweries That No Longer Allow Dogs Indoors

While Google Reviews does indicate that dogs are allowed indoors – the following breweries have updated their rules and no longer allow dogs to accompany their owners indoors.

1. Fairweather Brewing Co.

As of May 10, 2022 – Fairweather no longer allows dogs indoors.
Please refer to their Instagram Post for more dog-friendly patio rules https://www.instagram.com/p/CdV7cCzOJeI/

5 Ofield Road Unit #1, Hamilton, Ontario

? Bottle Shop
? Taproom / Tasting Room
⛱️ Patio

Hours of Operation
Mon – Thurs Noon – 9:00 PM
Fri – Sun 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Brewery Dog Etiquette

Here are 4 key points to remember before bringing your pup to a dog-friendly brewery:

1. Know Your Dog

Before starting visiting a brewery with a dog it is important to evaluate your dog’s temperament. 

Given all the exciting new smells, scents, people, and noise, not every dog is a good candidate for taproom lounging.

Here are some quick questions to ask yourself to help you determine whether you will have a relaxing time together, or if it might be better to leave your pooch at home:

  1. Does your dog get anxious in new, unfamiliar settings?
  2. Is your dog high-energy?
  3. Is your dog prone to barking when excited, anxious, or bored?
  4. Is your dog comfortable meeting new people and potentially, other dogs?
  5. Is your dog prone to potty accidents or marking in new settings? 

Note:  Some breweries may ask you and your dog to leave the taproom if your dog’s behaviour is deemed unruly or causes a disturbance to other guests in the brewery. 

2. Bring Your Own Supplies

While some breweries offer dog treats and provide water bowls, always play it safe and at the minimum, bring the following supplies with you:

  1. Water Bowl (please don’t allow your dogs to drink through glassware used by customers)
  2. Poop Bags
  3. Any additional cleaning materials for potty accidents like paper towels, gloves, or urine spray if you’re super conscientious! 

I highly recommend purchasing collapsible silicone bowls with clips. Collapsible silicone bowls are so easy to maintain, take up very little space when collapsed, and if you get the one with the clips – it’s so easy to have your dog carry it for you (on their harness), or clip on the outside of your bag. 

Tip: Call ahead before bringing dog treats and dog food inside the taprooms. Due to the health and regulations, some breweries are more strict with letting external food (including dog treats and dog food) indoors. 

3. Keep an Eye on Leash Length

Make sure your pup is comfortably harnessed or collared when leashed inside the brewery. Ideally, use a non-retractable, loop-handled leash to prevent accidental tangles and to keep your dog nearby. Leashes should be no longer than 6 ft in length (and while indoors should be kept to 1ft away to keep your dog nearby).

If you’re looking for a new one – I recommend supporting a local Toronto business and purchasing the 6ft standard braided leash by 4 My Merles. You can embroider your phone number or text on the leash and choose up to 3 different colours to make your leash!

Tip: You can easily loop the leash around your chair or put the leg of a chair inside the loop handle to keep your dog secure while you enjoy your drinks.

4. Play Before You Go

Set some extra time to take your dog for a walk, and play a quick game of fetch or tug to help you and your dog settle in at the brewery if you’re planning on staying for a while. The extra time will also give your dog an extra opportunity to take care of potty and poop business too to avoid indoor accidents. 

More Dog-Friendly Hamilton Locations

Looking to add more dog-friendly activities in Hamilton?

Here are some more treasures that we’ve discovered with Limone that we think you’ll love too:

Woman smiling while crouched in meadow petting a corgi that is facing her. Location: McCormack Trail located in Hamilton, Ontario

2. Discover one of our favourite meadows ever in Hamilton

Happy exploring!

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