How Many Dog Parks Are There in Toronto?

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Random fact time – Did you know that over 230,000 registered dogs are living in Toronto?

With so many dogs living in the city, it should come as no surprise that over the past decade, Toronto has worked on increasing the number of dog parks in the city too.

So how many dog parks are there in Toronto? As of 2024, there are over 70 dog parks in Toronto. However, that doesn’t mean that every single dog park is easily accessible to you just because you live in the city!

Toronto dog park map (70+ off-leash areas)

Toronto is a huge and sprawling city with hundreds of micro-neighborhoods and depending on where you live, some areas have more dog parks and off-leash than areas.

Here is a map of where all the 70 off-leash areas are located to help you find the right one for you.

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Community council areas

When planning your next dog park adventure, it may also be easier to search for dog parks based on where you’ll be during the day. 

The City of Toronto has grouped the off-leash areas by the four Community Council Areas:

  1. Etobicoke York
  2. North York
  3. Toronto / East York and
  4. Scarborough

Not sure what part of Toronto you’re in?
Check out this map on the City of Toronto website to help you determine which region you fall into. 

Etobicoke York

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There are 11 dog parks / off-leash areas in the Etobicoke York area:

  1. Beresford Park
  2. Colonel Samuel Smith Park
  3. Don Russell Memorial Park
  4. Earlscourt Park
  5. High Park
  6. Humber Bay Park West
  7. King’s Mill Park
  8. Marie Curtis Park
  9. Raymore Park
  10. Sir Casmir Gzowski Park
  11. Woolner Park

North York

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There are 10 dog parks / off-leash areas in the North York area:

  1. Bayview Arena Park / Willowdale Off-Leash Area
  2. Downsview Park / Dogsview Park
  3. Earl Bales Dog Park
  4. G. Ross Lord Dog Park
  5. Linkwood Lane Park
  6. Sandy Bruce Park
  7. Sherwood Park
  8. Sunnybrook Park
  9. Woburn Park
  10. Yonge and York Mills

Toronto/East York

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There are 40 dog parks / off-leash areas in the Toronto / East York area:

  1. Allan Gardens
  2. Balmy Beach Park (Silverbirch Park)
  3. Barbara Hall Park
  4. Bickford Park
  5. Bill Johnston Park
  6. Cassels Avenue Playground
  7. Cedarvale Park
  8. Cherry Beach
  9. Clarence Square
  10. Coronation Park
  11. Coxwell Ravine Park
  12. Craigleigh Gardens
  13. David Crombie Park
  14. Don Valley Brick Works
  15. Gerrard Carlaw Parkette
  16. Grange Park
  17. Greenwood Park
  18. Hideaway park
  19. Hillcrest Park
  20. Kew Gardens
  21. Merrill Bridge Road Park
  22. Monarch Park
  23. Norwood Park
  24. Oakcrest Parkette
  25. Orphan’s Green
  26. Ramsden Park
  27. Regent Park
  28. Riverdale Park East
  29. Riverdale Park West
  30. Sir Winston Churchill Park
  31. Sorauren Avenue Park
  32. South Stanely Park
  33. Stan Wadlow Park
  34. St. Andrew’s Playground
  35. Thompson Street Parkette
  36. Trinity Bellwoods Park
  37. Vermont Square Park
  38. Wildwood Crescent Playground
  39. Withrow Park
  40. Wychwood Barns Park


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There are 9 off-leash / dog parks in the Scarborough Area:

  1. Botany Hill Park
  2. Colonel Danforth Park
  3. Confederation Park
  4. Frank Faubert Wood Lot (Hand of God Park)
  5. L’Amoreaux
  6. McCowan Park
  7. Scarborough Heights Park
  8. Thomson Memorial Park
  9. Warden Woods Park

Visiting Scarborough Bluffs?
Not every part of Scarborough Bluffs is dog-friendly!

Toronto off-leash dog beaches

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Technically all beaches in Toronto are (kind of) dog-friendly as long as your pup is on a leash during a certain part of the year. But very few of them allow dogs off-leash.

Cherry beach allows dogs off-leash yearound in the designated off-leash area and there are 2 beaches in Toronto that are open to off-leash play from November 1 to March 31st.

Dogs are permitted off-leash below the snow fence line (from the fence to the beach) at Kew Balmy Beach and Woodbine Beach.

FAQ about Toronto dog parks

In general, most Toronto dog parks and off-leash areas are open from sunrise to sunset.

The exception is: Wychwood Barns Dog Park. This park is closed on weekdays for 3 hours from 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM and is closed after 9:00 PM every night.

You can find the latest dog park rules, code of conduct, bylaws & fines on the City of Toronto’s website.

No. If you’re looking for a large open indoor off-leash space to bring your pup, you’re out of luck. 

However, you can find indoor pet-friendly spaces by looking for:

  • Doggie Daycare or Playcare Services
  • Pet Sitting Services
  • Dog Training Facilities

Many of these services also offer designated play sessions that require reservations or notice.

There are no dog parks on any of the Toronto Islands. Dogs are, however, allowed to visit the islands, but must be kept on a leash at all times and follow the poop and scoop policies.

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